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Owner of Buzz Dumpster & Junk Removal

About Us


Meet our owner... Mitchell! 

Mitchell is a passionate believer in entrepreneurship. He is a successful owner of many companies and encourages others to guide their own path as well. 


Mitchell is native to St. Louis, loves the Cardinals, spending time with his dogs, and traveling. His first job was as a golf caddy at just 9 years old. By 32, he built 8 successful companies that later helped him rebrand and create more jobs with Buzz Dumpster in 2021.

Buzz Dumpster LLC. is located in Troy, MO and currently servicing St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren County. 


When you choose us, you give back to the neighbors in your community. We truly appreciate our customers and the support they bring to our family, employees, and community.

Our Mission


When the company was rebranded in 2020 our owner, Mitchell, made a promise that he would make it a priority to give back to our community.


The Let's Clean Project was at first an idea to help our hometown clean and help illegal dumping come to an end. That's when "Let's Clean Troy" was founded. We allowed neighbors to dispose of waste with an exchange of canned goods that would then get donated to a local food pantry. Since June 2020, we have now served O'Fallon, Troy, Hazelwood, Ferguson, Moscow Mills, and Bowling Green.



We are so honored to have such brave men and women serving our country. To show our gratitude and forever gratefulness to our veterans, we donate a portion for every single transaction. The Wounded Warrior Project provides a variety of veteran programs and services for free to our amazing veterans. Thanks to donations, these veterans get the help and future that they deserve.


Buzz Dumpster strongly believes in this company's mission. To donate, please click here.

Wounded Warrior Project

Our Story


Arch Dumpster Began


Arch Dumpster on Hold

Moving Company Began


Arch Dumpster Rebranded

Buzz Dumpster Began

Mitchell started off with a small 10 yard dump truck and posted ads on Craig's List. It took off a lot quicker than the small team (Mitchell and his dog, Diesel) had anticipated. After a few weeks, the business began to grow.

After many junk removal jobs he realized a lot of his customers were doing the same thing... MOVING! 5 years after the junk removal began, Mitchell shifted focus onto moving and storage. The 2 companies paired well together. We targeted our customers from our recent moving jobs.

Once Covid-19 began we noticed a significant drop in our moves. But our phones were ringing... FOR DUMPSTERS!


The increase in people doing home projects, remodels, and cleanouts during the pandemic kept our phones ringing. That's when Mitchell evaluated Arch Dumpster and it's business model and decided to rebrand the company and give his neighbors outstanding service.

View Our Map of Over 2,000 Dumpster Deliveries Below!

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