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Our Mission

Our core values center around not only providing top-tier dumpster services but also actively giving back to our community through initiatives like the "Let's Clean Project."

At Buzz Dumpster, we believe in the power of community involvement, and the "Let's Clean Project" is a testament to that commitment. For a donation of 20 canned goods or $50, this project allows individuals to dispose of challenging items while simultaneously contributing to the betterment of our community. All canned goods collected are directed to local food pantries, while the cash proceeds directly support the "Wounded Warrior Project," honoring and assisting our veterans.

Let's Clean Project Events


Rules & Policies

  1. Sort Your Waste: To maximize efficiency and accommodate all participants, we kindly ask you to identify items that can be donated or recycled. Bring only those tricky-to-dispose-of items, saving space for everyone in the process.

  2. Contribute 20 Canned Goods: Join us in making a positive impact on our community by donating 20 canned goods or a $50 cash contribution. This act not only serves as your ticket to participate but also contributes to local food pantries.

  3. Unloading Instructions: When you arrive at the designated area, pull up to a dumpster, and dispose of your trash! We kindly request that you keep your items within the bin to maintain a clean and organized disposal space. Please avoid leaving items outside the designated area or over the MAX fill line.

Prohibited Items:
To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Let's Clean Project, certain items are prohibited from disposal. These include tires, paint, hazardous waste, illegal items, concrete, and bricks. Additionally, we do not allow U-Hauls or trailers filled with trash. While it is acceptable to bring a trailer for the disposal of 1-2 items, please refrain from bringing trailers or U-Hauls full of trash to maintain the efficiency of the disposal process.


Additional Requirements:
Participants are required to sign their name and phone number indicating their commitment to responsible disposal practices. Additionally, a valid ID must be presented at the time of disposal for verification purposes.

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