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How to find a reliable dumpster company

finding a reputable dumpster company is not always easy.

Many of them can be found on the internet or in local directories. The majority of dumpster companies, however, will hide crucial information from customers, and do not keep their promises!

The internet is full of vague promises from most companies, and if you are not careful, you could get stuck with a rusty, filthy, or defective dumpster.

Listed below are some tips to help you choose a dumpster rental company you can depend on.


A local dumpster company is the best choice since it comes with many advantages. Getting information from friends and family in the community can help you determine which local dumpster is the best fit for your needs. Drive to their location and observe their operations and facilities if you have the time, or look for their dumpsters around town and at businesses. If you have a busy schedule, then you should contact their customer service staff for more information.

By comparing a few dumpster companies in your area, you can see through the lies and find the best option available for you.

Buzz Dumpster and Junk Removal, a local business, provides excellent service to residential and commercial clients along with giving back to the community when opportunities arise.


Before hiring a dumpster or junk removal company, consider the quality of customer service they provide. In the course of the job, numerous problems can occur, and if they are not addressed, you can end up spending more money and become frustrated.

Check with the customer service staff to make sure the response is coming from a person, not from software or an automated assistant. Observe their level of professionalism and care when asking questions.

A reliable dumpster service company like Buzz Dumpster and Junk Removal has trained and knowledgeable customer service staff on hand ready to help and educate all customers.

Dumpsters THAT are clean and functional

In order to ensure excellent service delivery, it is crucial to know if the company has the necessary equipment. If your job is too large or they don’t have enough dumpsters, some companies will outsource some of the work to someone else. This can lead to a decrease in quality of the service.

The best dumpster companies have multiple, clean, reliable containers for the job. All that and more are available at Buzz Dumpster and Junk Removal, along with our Driveway Safe Protection Pads, ensuring no damage is done to the ground wherever our dumpsters are place.

In addition to these factors, you may need to consider the following before hiring a dumpster company:

  • Rental fees for dumpsters

  • Detailed drop-off and pick-up times

  • Disposal of waste based on reuse and recycling

Understanding all the factors described above will help you make an educated decision. Buzz Dumpster and Junk Removal has the right equipment with convenient drop-off and pick-up times that can be maneuvered according to your schedule and a competitive price point on junk removal and dumpster rental rates. For reliable dumpster rental and junk removal services, contact us today.

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