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Junk Hauling

Our Junk Hauling service is designed for smaller requests by customers to remove a few items or less from their homes and dispose of it. We offer fast service and great prices!

Professional Junk Removers

Junk removal is for those hard to get rid of items. This is for someone who is looking to scrap some debris or an old fridge. Call or text our office, once your removal is scheduled... Relax! We will take it from here. Our team will be in and out. Cleaning out your home or project has never been SO easy!

How We Price Your Cleanout?

After we get details about your project, we will provide a price by the number of items that you have and the  type of removal they will require.

Estimated Removal Time.

The access from location to the dumpster/truck affects how fast we can remove the items. Are there stairs? Narrow doorway? Steep hill? These are all things we take into account for. The faster we can remove the item, the cheaper the quote will be for our customers.

The Quantity & Size

The number of items to be discarded will affect your rate. Our pricing structure is also based on the size of dumpster that will be needed to discard the items. The size of the items will also be taken into account.

Number of Staff Needed.

Every project is different. If your project has estimated long removal time or heavy objects, more staff may be needed to be more efficient. 

The Hygiene or Condition of Project Location.

Buzz Dumpster is ready to help with all projects, however, additional rates may apply in order to supply our staff with proper products like gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies as well as additional compensation for our dedicated employees. 


The drive time from your scheduled location and our business office may affect a increase in your estimate. 


I needed some old furniture and other junk hauled away, and Buzz Dumpster was really professional, courteous, affordable and fast! Highly recommend!"


October 2021

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