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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does "Full Service Cleanouts" mean?"
    Our team will send two professionally trained men to come to your project location. Our team will handle the rest... Just tell us what needs to be done and we will collect the items from your attic, basement, backyard, garage, storage units, etc.
  • How does the driveway protection work?
    All of our rented dumpsters come with 4 protection pads that go under the 2 dumpster wheels and the 2 rails. This ensures that the dumpster never touches your driveway! Our staff are highly trained and are deligent with the placement and pick up. We also use light weight trucks so we can get in more narrow driveways and limit the amount of weight being placed on your road and driveways.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    We only accept debit or credit cards.
  • Is Buzz Dumpster a franchise?
    No, we are a locally owned and operated company based out of Troy, Missouri
  • What do you do with the trash?
    We take the waste to a local landfill where they are properly disposed of. Anything that can be recycled or reused is donated.
  • How do you determine the charge for junk removal jobs?
    The estimated junk removal time. The access from location to the dumpster/truck affects how fast we can clean the select location. Are there stairs? Narrow doorway? Steep hill? These are all things we take into account for. Quantity/Size. The number of items to be discarded will affect your rate. Our pricing structure is also based on the size of dumpster that will be needed. Number of staff needed. Every project is different. If your project has estimated long removal time or heavy objects, more staff may be needed to be more efficient. The hygiene or condition of project location. Buzz Dumpster is ready to help with all projects, however, additional rates may apply in order to supply our staff with proper products like gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies as well as additional compensation for our dedicated employees. Location. The drive time from your scheduled location and our business office may affect a increase in your estimate.
  • Do you have a minimum charge for junk removal jobs?
    Our minimum charge is $50 for local and $100 for non-local jobs.
  • What items do you take?
    We take just about anything! We do NOT accept: - Hazardeous waste - Animal waste - Medical or biological waste - Flammable items - Chemicals If you are still unsure we have a representative available 24/7.
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